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US Ham Bands

160m 1.8-2.0MHz
80m 3.5-4.0MHz
40m 7.0-7.3MHz
30m 10.100-10.150MHz
20m 14.0-14.350MHz
17m 18.068-18.168MHz
15m 21.0-21.450MHz
12m 24.89-24.99MHz
10m 28.0-29.7MHz
6m 50.0-54.0MHz
2m 144.0-148.0MHz
1.25m 222.0-225.0MHz
70cm 420.0-450.0MHz
33cm 902.0-928.0MHz
23cm 1240.0-1300.0MHz

*60m Channelized: 5.332, 5.348, 5.358.5, 5.373, 5.405
or 5.351.5–5.366.5 or 5.250–5.450

US Hams also have allocations above 23cm.